How Do I Keep My Vehicle’s Tires Cool In Summer?

How Do I Keep My Vehicle’s Tires Cool In Summer?

Tires, Tire Pressure, Tire Care Tips, Slow LeaksHot summer months can be rough on tires because the higher temperatures outside cause the air inside the tires to expand. If that expansion is not monitored frequently and properly adjusted, tire damage or blow-outs can occur, especially when driving at high speeds. Proper tire maintenance includes checking tire pressure, repairing slow leaks, and scheduling a tire service to take care of needed tire repairs. Keep reading for a few more tire care tips that can help keep your tires cool during the summer months and help prolong their life.


Your Tires Maintenance

Replacing your vehicle’s tires can be costly, so make sure to take care of your tires this summer by following these helpful tire care tips.

Buy a Good Tire Pressure Gauge

The old-school pencil style tire gauges can work in a pinch, but it is wise to invest in a new digital or analog style tire gauge for more accurate readings. It is a small expense when weighed against replacing your tires because of preventable issues like excessive wear or damage due to incorrect tire pressure.

Check Your Tires Pressure Frequently

Tire pressure can fluctuate quite a bit based on the outdoor ambient temperature. Always check the air pressure when your tires are cold (before you drive on them). Consult your owner’s manual or the sticker found on the driver’s side door for the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. Remember, the number found on the tires is the maximum tire pressure, so make sure to not exceed that number. Also, be sure to check each individual tire and your spare.

Repair Slow Leaks

If you are putting air in one (or more) tires on a regular basis, there may be a slow leak. Inspect your tire and see if you can spot anything lodged in the tread or sidewall. If you can’t spot an obvious cause, it may be a damaged tire valve or a puncture you can’t see. A service technician can diagnose the issue and let you know if the tire can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced.

Replace Worn or Damaged Tires

Driving on tires that have worn down tread, uneven tread wear, or other damages can be more risky during hot summer months. Rubber reacts to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) so make good choices when replacing your tires. If you live in a climate that has both very hot and very cold weather, consider investing in 2 sets of tires for your vehicle. One set for ‘summer driving’ and one set for ‘winter driving’ and swap them out as necessary. If the climate is more temperate where you live, choose quality ‘all-weather’ tires.

Park in the Shade

This may be an obvious point to make, but parking in the shade keeps your whole car cooler during the summer. If there is no convenient tree offering shade where you normally park, look into other options like a carport, canopy, or make room in the garage for your car.

Keep Tires Clean

Removing road grime, road salt, and other contaminants from your tires on a regular basis, helps keep them in better condition. Ask your service technician about tire care products you can use to clean and protect your tires.

Drive the Speed Limit

Sticking to the posted speed limit on highways, freeways, and service roads can actually help keep your tires cooler on hot days. The roadway absorbs heat and can get hot enough to fry an egg during the summer. Add the heat generated by the friction of your tires to that, and you have a recipe for tire damage. The faster you go, the more friction is generated, thus the more heat your tires have to endure. If the heat generated is over the tire’s tolerance, a blow out can occur.

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