4 Common Fall Auto Repairs, Be Prepared For Winter

4 Common Fall Auto Repairs, Be Prepared For Winter

Fall Auto Repair, Air Springs, Engine Distributor, Timing Cover Gasket, Heater System FailureThe popularity of the Family Road Trip has seen an upswing over the last few years. Spending quality time in nature with your loved ones (including the furry kind) has been good for our souls. Unfortunately, all that driving takes a toll on our vehicles. Studies show there are predictable seasonal vehicle repairs. These 4 common fall auto repairs include air springs, engine distributor, heater system failure, and timing cover & gasket.



Common Fall Auto Repairs

Driving in hot summer temperatures can cause automotive components to wear out or require more frequent maintenance. Routine maintenance is often skipped during the busy summer months. The cooler fall weather may expose mechanical issues you don’t know are there until you try to use it.

Air Springs

Liquid and air-based suspension systems, or air springs, are becoming more widely used by auto manufacturers. Air springs are basically rubber bladders that raise the chassis above the axles, providing a smooth ride. They are a relatively simple design, located under the vehicle, and designed for long life. However, air springs can be damaged or become worn out. Air springs will need to be replaced if you notice the following symptoms:

  • Air spring compressor that constantly runs 
  • Drooping suspension
  • Hissing noise indicating a leak in the air bladder
  • Reduction in maneuverability
  • Rough ride

Engine Distributor

The engine distributor is found on older model vehicles (before the late 1990s). It is a crucial component in the ignition system that helps pass the current between the distributor’s rotor and the spark plug wires. Replace a faulty distributor cap if it exhibits the following symptoms:

  • Check Engine Light
  • Frequent misfires
  • Vehicle won’t start
  • Vehicle stalls at idle
  • Visible oil leaks around the distributor

Heater System Failure

Heater system failure is widespread in the fall. The HVAC system is a complex system with many parts. Any number of these parts can go bad, requiring service or replacement. Routine maintenance on the HVAC system helps keep it running great year-round. Check your owner’s manual to find the suggested service interval for your vehicle. If your heater or defroster has airflow issues or temperature irregularities, schedule a diagnostic service to troubleshoot the system.

Timing Cover & Gasket

The timing cover is a plastic or metal piece protecting the timing belt, timing chain, or cam belt from debris. A timing cover gasket seals the timing cover to the engine block. If either component is damaged, schedule a service as soon as possible. You may notice the following symptoms:

  • Check Engine Light, Oil Warning Light
  • Decrease in power due to missed timing
  • Grating noise from the engine
  • Leaking oil and/or chronic low oil levels
  • Leaking coolant
  • Misfires

Prepare Your Vehicle For Winter

Winter driving can be dangerous. Inclement weather, extreme temperatures, and road hazards can turn a short outing into a challenging adventure. Make sure to prepare your vehicle for winter by following these simple tips.

Routine Maintenance

All auto manufacturers have a recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual for each vehicle. Following these recommendations for services like oil changes, tire rotation, and major mileage markers (30/60/90k miles) can prolong the life of your vehicle and help keep you safe. If you are behind on any routine maintenance items, be sure to get up-to-date before winter arrives.

Emergency Kit

Pack or purchase an emergency kit for your vehicle. The best way to be prepared in an emergency is to have the basic first aid and safety items readily available in a box, bag, or backpack. Include the following items:

  • Cold weather gear (blanket, coat, gloves, scarf, beanie/hat, chemical heating packs)
  • Reflective gear (triangle, cones, LED hazard lights, safety vest or poncho)
  • Tools (quality multi-tool, spare tire kit, fix-a-flat, flashlight)
  • Drinking water, protein bars
  • First aid kit (bandaids, antibacterial ointment, bandages, burn creme, allergy meds, pain meds, CPR booklet, etc.)

Fall Auto Repairs Service in Midland, MI

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